Community Development

Grassroots Youth Development Programme – ‘’energising our youth, powering our future’’


Each wind farm operated by EDF Renewables contributes a percentage of its revenues towards Enterprise Development (EnD) and/or Socio Economic Development (SED) initiatives within a 50 km radius from the Wind Farm. This is done under the Grassroots Youth Development (GYD) programme, a philanthropy programme that  aims to deliver lasting social and economic progress  to local communities of EDF Renewables’s clean energy projects.

GYD’s vision is to create virtuous cycles in local communities by empowering projects and small businesses with much needed mentorship, skills transfer and development capital as a way to create sustainable businesses; as well as projects which have a significant impact on the lives of young people while creating employment opportunities in these communities.

Initiatives that qualify for GYD funding include:

Non-Profit Organisations that provide socio-economic development opportunities to young people through the implementation of education, sports, arts and culture programmes that offer:

  • Hope and counselling to troubled youths
  • Cultivation of positive self-image
  • Employment of mentors, coaches, administrators etc
  • Role models
  • Provision of life skills, and the
  • Development of leadership qualities

Small black owned enterprises that operate in industries such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Textile and manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Small scale renewables etc

GYD aims to support community based SMME’s on their path towards economic growth and self-sustainability.

Applying for GYD funding

Sofisa & Phillips Development Agency (SPDA), a 51% black owned Level 2 EME based in Nelson Mandela Bay, is the appointed implementation agent responsible for identifying potential beneficiaries, sourcing applications, making recommendations,  negotiating contracts with the selected beneficiaries, as well as monitoring and reporting on the initiatives that receive GYD funding.

If you would like to apply for GYD funding, please refer to the instructions and application form provided on SPDA’s website:

sofisa & phillips

Key Socio-Economic Development Projects

Depending on the performance of EDF Renewables’s 3 operational Wind Farm’s in the Eastern Cape, GYD spends approximately R 6 million per year on Socio-Economic Development (SED) projects. Below is a glimpse of some of the key SED projects that have received funding from the GYD programme.

Advantage Tennis Academy, GYD funding provided by Grassridge Wind Farm

Advantage Tennis Academy is a NPO that strives to create a vibrant tennis culture within the townships of Nelson Mandela Bay, particularly for those townships that do not have access to suitable sports infrastructure. With the Grassridge GYD funding, the tennis academy has been able to:

  • Provide tennis equipment for 110 youths
  • provide safe transport for coaches and players to tennis courts and tournaments
  • Implement a nutrition program for the learners

Advantage Tennis Academy has had a significant impact in the lives of the young people who are benefitting from the programme, especially since it imparts life skills and provides a positive and productive alternative to the potential negative influences surrounding youth in the townships.

Fingo Festival, GYD funding provided by Waainek Wind Farm

Fingo Festival is an NGO that focuses on the development of creative activities and employment opportunities for youth in arts (murals, live performances and concerts).
GYD contributions have been used to purchase a computer, design software, scanner, cartooning murals and performance art materials for the various creative activities implemented by Fingo Festival.

Khulusande Sprinting Programme, GYD funding provided by Grassridge Wind Farm and Waainek Wind Farm

Khulusande Sports Development is a NPO that through its Sports Excellence Programme, develops young athletes from disadvantaged communities.The Khulusande Sprinting Programme is one of the sports programmes that was successfully implemented within the local communities around the Grassridge and Waainek Wind Farm’s.
This sports programme not only develops sporting abilities for young athletes, but also develops critical life skills.GYD funded a 5 year programme dedicated to the development of athletic abilities of 20 talented young athletes (10 girls and 10 boys between 9 and 13 years of age), a nutritional programme, an academic programme, and life skills programme for these young athletes.

Key Enterprise Development Projects

Depending on the performance of EDF Renewables’s 3 operational Wind Farm’s, GYD spends approximately R 2 million per year on Enterprise Development (EnD) projects. Below is a glimpse of some of the key EnD projects that have been funded under the GYD programme.

Makhazi Women’s Primary Cooperative, GYD funding provided by Chaba Wind Farm

Makhazi Womens Cooperative

Makhazi Women’s Primary Cooperative is a business venture (100 % black owned, level 1 BBBEE entity) that focuses on creating income generation opportunities for women within the Komga region in the Eastern Cape.

The GYD funding provided was used to equip and supply their piggery facility whereby piglets, pig feed and a refrigeration unit were procured.