Wesley-Ciskei Wind Farm

Wesley-Ciskei Wind Farm

Project Description

Capacity: 34.5 MW
COD: currently in Construction stage

The Wesley-Ciskei project has been selected in June 2015 as a preferred bidder under bid window 4 of the Department of Energy’s REIPPP Programme.

On the 4th April 2018, EDF Renewables signed with Eskom the PPA for the project of Wesley-Ciskei (34.5 MW) in South Africa, together with the Implementation Agreement signed with the Department of Energy and on the 5th of April we reached Financial close. EDF Renewables is the first IPP (amongst 27 Round 4 projects) to have subsequently (the next day) reached Financial Close with its lenders.

The Wesley-Ciskei project holds great significance for the Eastern Cape Province, it is the first and only wind energy project located in a former homeland region of the Eastern Cape, despite such regions representing almost 40% of the Province’s landmass and being host to 60% of the Province’s population.

Construction of the Wind Farm started on September 2019 and production to start in September 2021.