Project Development

Project Development

EDF Renewables project development team is responsible for the identification and development of clean energy projects across Southern Africa.

Projects are designed for purpose: from 1 MW for captive or embedded plants up to multi-100 MW for utility offtake.

After conducting preliminary desktop feasibility studies to identify  a potential site, EDF Renewables engage in negotiations with landowners and conduct site visits.  Once landowners are dedicated to the project, the necessary feasibility studies are carried-out by experts (in-house and outsourced) and the permits and licenses required to build and operate the project are secured. Since 2010, EDF Renewables has developed a particular expertise in developing projects on community-owned and tribal land in the region.

Feasibility studies for a wind farm include: bird and bat monitoring programmes, Environmental Impact Assessments, wind measurement and analysis, geotechnical studies, grid integration studies etc.

Throughout the process, EDF Renewables engages actively with all relevant stakeholders, so as to create a mutually beneficial relationship throughout the lifetime of its projects.

Battery Storage

Through EDF Energies Nouvelles’ subsidiary EDF Store and Forecast, EDF Renewables can offer utility-scale battery storage solutions either as stand-alone or integrated into a renewable energy project (hybrid solution).