Wind, Solar & Storage:

EDF Renewables (South Africa) is an established leader in renewable energy solutions in the region, and has contributed significantly to South Africa’s renewable energy goals. The company has completed four windfarms for the REIPPP, including the Waainek, Chaba, Grassridge and Wesley-Ciskei projects. Currently, in total, EDF Renewables is contributing 141.6MW of generation capacity to the grid.

Offering both wind and solar PV solutions, EDF Renewables develops, builds, operates and maintains renewable energies projects, both for itself and for third parties.

Through EDF Energies Nouvelles’ subsidiary EDF Store and Forecast, EDF Renewables can offer utility-scale battery storage either as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a renewable energy project in a hybrid solution.

Global Renewable Energy Experts:

EDF Renewables is a world leader in renewable energy electricity. The company develops, builds and operates clean energy power plants in more than 20 countries both for our own account and for third parties.

Its development is mainly focused on wind and solar photovoltaic power. EDF Renewables operates primarily in Europe and North America, and is continuing to grow regions such as Brazil, China, India, South Africa and the Middle East. The company has strong positions in offshore wind power, but also in other areas of the renewable energies industry such as energy storage.

As of June 30th 2020 the company’s gross installed capacity amounted to 13 287 MW worldwide, with net installed capacity standing at 8 184,9 MW and gross capacity under construction at 8 869 MW.







Project Development

  • EDF Renewables’ project development team is responsible for the origination, development and/or acquisition of clean energy projects across Southern Africa.

  • Projects are designed for purpose: from 30 MW for captive or embedded plants up to multi-100 MW for utility offtake.

  • After conducting preliminary desktop feasibility studies to identify a potential site, EDF Renewables engages in negotiations with landowners and conducts site visits.

  • Once landowners are contractually committed to the project, the necessary feasibility studies are carried-out by experts (in-house and external) and the permits and licenses required to build and operate the project are applied for and secured.

  • Feasibility studies for a wind farm include: bird and bat monitoring programmes, Environmental Impact Assessments, a wind measurement campaign, geotechnical studies, Rezoning, grid integration studies etc.

  • Throughout the process, EDF Renewables engages actively with all relevant stakeholders, so as to create a mutually beneficial relationship throughout the lifetime of its projects.

  • Since 2009, EDF Renewables has developed expertise to secure land rights on private, municipal and community owned land.

  • Battery Storage: Through EDF Energies Nouvelles’ subsidiary EDF Store and Forecast, EDF Renewables can offer utility-scale battery storage solutions either as stand-alone or integrated into a renewable energy project (hybrid solution).


Construction Management

EDF Renewables has an in-house team of engineering, procurement and construction experts who are involved in our projects from bid stage right through to the handover of the constructed asset to the Asset Management team. From Financial Close, i.e. the signature of the financing and related project agreements, each project is under the direction of a skilled construction project manager who is ultimately responsible for the successful implementation of the project.

General responsibilities of the construction function are:

  • Procurement of major contractors and specialist advisors
  • Contract administration and management
  • Manage the project team, consisting of internal and external specialists
  • Stakeholder management, e.g. Eskom, landowner, local communities, government
  • Develop and monitor project schedule
  • Develop and control project budget
  • Design review
  • Perform quality assurance on site throughout the construction phase
  • Monitor health, safety and environmental compliance of the project
  • Monitor and control change
  • Monitor and control project risk
  • Manage the handover to Asset Management upon completion of the project

Construction of our projects would not be possible without the support of professional built environment consultants and contractors such as:

  • Professional engineering firms (detailed engineering design and quality control)
  • SACPCMP Professionally Registered Construction Health and Safety Agents, Managers and other Health and Safety Professionals
  • Environmental and Natural Sciences Professionals
  • Civil and Electrical Engineering Construction Contractors (CIDB Grading 8 or higher)
  • Logistics companies
  • Community relationship/ PR specialists
  • Major equipment suppliers (Wind turbines, PV Panels, Batteries, Transformers, Switchgear etc)

Supplier Registration

Suppliers of the above services may register their interest in working with EDF Renewables by submitting this form.

Asset Management

This service provided by EDF Renewables to its projects is critical in ensuring the sustainability and profitability of these assets. The team strives to constantly optimize all areas for which it is responsible, including:

  • Management of all key agreements and contracts
  • Operational oversight
  • Health & Safety
  • Financial management
  • Business reporting
  • Plant performance and monitoring

EDF Renewables’ asset managers are the acting owners of the renewable energy plants. They are central to all the key stakeholders during the operations of the project:

EDF Renewables’ asset managers are the acting owners of the renewable energy plants. They are central to all the key stakeholders during the operations of the project:


EDF Renewables focuses on operation and maintenance as a key part of its work to deliver long-term support and optimise asset performance.